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QUALISTEELCOAT is a quality label organization. Similar to Qualicoat for aluminium. The goal of QUALISTEELCOAT is to promote a high quality of painting/lacquering systems on steel substrates. For both steel and galvanized steel alloys.

This is done by making customer requirements measurable based on technical specifications. QUALISTEELCOAT defines the quality requirements on behalf of customers and most importantly monitors that licensed applicators (coating facilities/plants) meet these standards.

QUALISTEELCOAT enables purchasers of coated steel to choose for a premium coated product that meets a high quality level.  Therefore, QUALISTEELCOAT contributes to a higher level of coated steel across the globe.

All AD pre-treatment products for steel substrates are benchmarked against the QUALISTEELCOAT standards to meet or exceed its specifications.

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