What is Galvalume?

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In many environments it is important to protect steel against oxidation. A common way to do this is by applying a zinc coating, also referred to as hot dip galvanizing. Since more than a decade there is another alternative available called Galvalume.  This metalwiki exaplains what Galvalume is.

What is Galvalume?

Galvalume is a contraction of the words “Galv=galvanizing/zinc”and “Alume=aluminium” . This is basically also what Galvalume is, a coating that consists out of zinc, aluminum and silicon alloy. It is used to protect steel from corrosion. It is applied on steel substrates in a similar process as galvanizing. It behaves also in a similar way in the field, the Galvalume layer is a sacrificial metal coating that protects the base steel layer.

Main uses of galvalume

Galvalume is used a lot for building material, a good example is roofing and siding. It is very popular in Asia-Pacific.

AD CCT offers a wide range of products, such as PrimeCoat® Thin Organic Coatings and PrimeCoat® Passivation, for the surface treatment of Galvalume.