In many environments it is important to protect steel against oxidation. A common way to do this is by applying a zinc coating, also referred to as hot dip galvanizing. Since more than a decade there is another alternative available called Galvalume.  This metalwiki exaplains what Galvalume is.

What is Galvalume?

Galvalume is a contraction of the words “Galv=galvanizing/zinc”and “Alume=aluminium” . This is basically also what Galvalume is, a coating that consists out of zinc, aluminum and silicon alloy. It is used to protect steel from corrosion. It is applied on steel substrates in a similar process as galvanizing. It behaves also in a similar way in the field, the Galvalume layer is a sacrificial metal coating that protects the base steel layer.

Main uses of galvalume

Galvalume is used a lot for building material, a good example is roofing and siding. It is very popular in Asia-Pacific.

AD CCT offers a wide range of products, such as PrimeCoat® Thin Organic Coatings and PrimeCoat® Passivation, for the surface treatment of Galvalume.

QUALISTEELCOAT is a quality label organization. Similar to Qualicoat for aluminium. The goal of QUALISTEELCOAT is to promote a high quality of painting/lacquering systems on steel substrates. For both steel and galvanized steel alloys.

This is done by making customer requirements measurable based on technical specifications. QUALISTEELCOAT defines the quality requirements on behalf of customers and most importantly monitors that licensed applicators (coating facilities/plants) meet these standards.

QUALISTEELCOAT enables purchasers of coated steel to choose for a premium coated product that meets a high quality level.  Therefore, QUALISTEELCOAT contributes to a higher level of coated steel across the globe.

All AD pre-treatment products for steel substrates are benchmarked against the QUALISTEELCOAT standards to meet or exceed its specifications.

Learn more about QUALISTEELCOAT here

Qualicoat is a global quality label organisation committed to maintaining the quality of lacquering, painting and coating on aluminium and its alloys for architectural applications. Its registered office is situated in Zurich, Switzerland.
Qualicoat is the world’s leading quality label for the coating of aluminium.

Learn more about he AD Qualicoat approved products on our Qualicoat approval page.